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Marjon Computing and Media Services Helpdesk

What is the Helpdesk?

The Helpdesk is the name for the underlying Call Recording System used by the main departments in Marjon to keep track of work, defect reports and requests raised by staff and students within the university. The Helpdesk should be the mechanism staff and students use to report defects and requests. The Helpdesk is accessed through any mainstream web browser, on a computer connected to the campus network, by simply typing - helpdesk/ into the address bar and pressing the Enter/Return key or clicking Go. This website provides a central location for users to raise a helpdesk call. The Helpdesk is monitored and managed by the Computing and Media Services Manager - Dave Franklin

The Helpdesk Call System

It is unlikely there has ever been a 100% reliable computer system, faults do occur and humans can make mistakes. Repairs, installations, upgrades keep any IT department busy so it is important to keep track of the work required and make sure nothing is missed.

To do this, Marjon run a helpdesk system produced by Spiceworks. The system is web based and is accessible from any PC in Marjon whether you are logged in to the network or not.

The system provides Computing Services and Media Services with a way of managing & tracking your problem from initial call to its completion. It gives us an overview of the current workload and enables us to deal with problems with the available resources.

There are two ways you can raise a call, you can:

Type in http://help into the browser's address bar on any PC in the campus and log in to the Helpdesk with your unified account (the same one you use for LS), track all calls you raise and receive updates to let you know what's going on. Raise a Call without an account - this allows you to report a problem however you will receive no feedback about the progress of the call.

The Helpdesk is the main work management tool for the Marjon service teams including Computing Services and Media Services, if you email, telephone or stop us in the passageway we will still ask you to log a call on the Helpdesk as this ensures your call is not missed.

Please give as much detail as you can when completing the call, one person simply wrote 'computer crashed' in the call details, this doesn't really give us much to go on and only increases the time it takes for us to deal with the call, include details like where, phone number, error messages, your availability and so forth, it all helps to get the best service for you.

We hope you find the system useful, if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Computing Services and Media Services by:


Phone External - 01752 636700/777188 extension 4333

Phone Internal - Extension 4333

Visit us near the Library, next to the 24 hour access room.