Policy and Procedures

Polices and Procedures


Users of the facilities are also reminded that Marjon access to the Internet is via the Joint Academic NETwork (JANET). Users must comply with JANET's Acceptable Use Policy

Guidance for Staff

The Do's and Don'ts for Staff users to follow when using Marjon Network PC's.

Regulations for the use of ResNet

The use of ResNet is subject to the following points. Users must agree to these regulations and conditions when they sign the application form and apply to use the service.

Disposal of computer equipment (adobe .pdf, 9 kbs)

Electronic Mail Policy (adobe .pdf, 167 kbs)

ICT code of practice for Staff (adobe .pdf, 399 kbs)

ICT code of practice for Students (adobe .pdf, 503 kbs)

2015 Version with Prevent legislation

Information Security Policy (adobe .pdf, 17 kbs)

User Acknowledgement of Third Party Rights (adobe .pdf, 365 kbs)

Software and on-line data services are provided for University business and study purposes only. Users of these products must abide by the terms of this document.

Marjon data backup information (adobe .pdf, 114 kbs)

This document is a list of the main data backup functions and timings for Marjon data.