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Gown hire

Student gown hire is closed


Gown hire FAQs

Do I have to wear academic dress?

Yes, full academic dress must be worn in accordance with the Student Handbook.

Academic dress consists of a gown, hood and mortar board. Students graduating cannot be presented at the ceremony unless appropriately gowned.

What do I wear beneath my gown?

Formal clothing should be worn as Graduation is a formal occasion.

Jeans, shorts and other similar casual wear are not acceptable.  For men we respectfully ask if a tie and shirt can be worn.

Where do I get my gown?

You can hire your gown from Wippell Gown Hire. Hire goes live on their website as soon as the tickets go on sale.

If you have ordered a gown and cannot attend the ceremony you must inform Wippells at least 48 hours before the Graduation. Refund requests should be made directly to Wippell Gown Hire – 01392 254234.

What colour are the university gowns?

The university gowns are black, the mortar board is black and the hoods are purple.