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Graduation 2018

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More than any university where I have ever worked or studied, the students and staff of Marjon succeed because, and when, we succeed together. Your graduation is a proud moment for you, your parents, partners, friends, and supporters, and for all the team at Marjon. You've made a wise choice coming to university, sticking with your studies, and working hard to achieve your degree.

Marjon teaches you all the lessons you need to succeed in life. For all of us here today, with determination and dedication and perseverance, we've all succeeded, and for that, we should be very proud.

I'm proud of your achievements today because I value and respect the effort it’s taken to get here. But your new journey has just begun, and a new chapter is beginning.

You all have real qualities just by being here today. So I would like to say this to you, to always aim high, always strive to do the best you can, because you're more wondrous than you will ever know.

I think that you have a lot of opportunity to leap off from here and go and do amazing things, wherever that journey takes you.

On this immensely proud and joyous day of your graduation, I offer on behalf of the university, our warmest congratulations to you all. Remember this. You will always be a part of Marjon, and Marjon will always be a part of you.