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All members of the University can use the library.

Your Library Card
The student ID card you recive at the beginning of your course also acts as your library card. Carry it with you as you will need it to borrow items from the library, you will also be asked to present it as proof of study whne accessing varous other library services.
A £5  replacement charge applies for lost or damaged cards. 

How can I find books?
Read our step-by-step Help Guide to finding books within our Library.

How many items take I take out?
The number of items you can take out of the library will depend on your course. Be aware that you are responsible for all items checked out to your library account, do not borrow items for others or lend them your ID card. 

Students enrolled on Initial Teacher Training courses can borrow additional Teaching Practice items.

Borrower Type Loan Allowance  TP  Allowance  E-Resources? InterLibrary Loan
Church College Certificate 15 0 Yes No
Marjon Foundation, 1st or 2nd Year Undergraduate 15 0 Yes 5 per year.
Marjon 3rd Year Undergraduate 20 0 Yes 12 per year.
BEd Year 1+2 15 20 Yes 5 per year.
BEd Year 3 20 20 Yes 12 per year.
Interrupted Students 5 0 YES 0
SCONUL Access 5 0 No No
Schools Direct, PGCE 15 20 YES 12 in total over whole course.
Marjon Taught Masters 20 0 Yes 20 in total over whole course.
PhD 30 0 Yes 100 in total over whole course.
Temporary Staff 25 0 Yes 25 per year.
Permanent Staff 30 0 Yes 25 per year.

How long can I borrow items for?
Items can be borrowed for different periods of time. Here's a quick guide to knowing how long you can keep the item for.

Loan Type How can I recognise it?  How long can I keep it for?
Staff (Permanent)
Standard White label inside cover. No sticker.  3 weeks 4 weeks  12 weeks 
Weekly Green label inside cover. Green sticker. 1 week 1 week  1 week 
Reference Yellow label inside cover. Yellow 'R' sticker. These books may not be removed from the library
Teaching Practice: Resource Loan Pink label inside cover. Red sticker. 5 weeks 5 weeks  12 weeks
Teaching Practice: Restricted Loan Green label inside cover. Red and Green stickers. 1 week  1 week  1 week 
Static Loan White Label inside cover. 'Static Loan' printed inside cover. 3 weeks 4 weeks  12 weeks 
Multimedia Packs   They are stored in the Teaching Practice area.
Items marked MMP are packed in files or boxes.
Items marked XLMMP are stored in large plastic boxes. 
MMP Restricted Loan 1 week 1 week 1 week
MMP Resource Loan 5 weeks 5 weeks 12 weeks
DVDs, CD-ROMs, CDs, Videos Located in the Teaching Practice area. Weekly Loan 1 week 1 week 1 week
Standard Loan 3 weeks 4 weeks 12 weeks 

How can I return books?

There's lots of ways to return books.

1. Use the self-service machines on the ground floor of the library.

2. Return them to the librarian on the desk.

3. If you are off-campus, you can post books to us. Our address is at the bottom of this page.

Library - Can't Find the Book Your Looking For?

How can I renew my books?

Do you need your items for a bit longer?

Unless somebody else has put a reservation on the book, you can renew your loans as many times as you need.

There's lots of ways to renew.

1. You can use the self-service machines on the ground floor of the library. (You will need your card).

2. You can ask the librarian at the Library counter to renew it for you.

3. Contact us. Our details are found at the bottom of this page.

4. Renew online. Our Help Guide will show you how to do this.



Remember, returning/renewing books on time is your responsibility.

Email overdue notices are a courtesy service, not to be relied on.

Instead, we recommend putting a reminder of the item's due date into your diary, calendar or phone.

How can I reserve a copy of a book?

If all copies of the book you need have been taken by other users, you can place a reservation.

This will ensure that you are next in the queue to receive the book once it has been returned. Reservations can only be placed once all copies of the book have been taken by other users. 


There's lots of ways to reserve books.

1. You can ask the librarian at the Library Counter to do it for you.

2. You can contact us. Our details are below.

3. You can reserve books online. Our Help Guide will show you how to do this.




We will email you once your reservation is ready to collect.

Look out for your book on the Reservation Shelf on the Ground Floor of the library.

What happens when items are overdue?

Your items should not become overdue because the library operates an auto renewal system, exceptions to this are if your course has ended and you have not returned your items or if an item is recalled. 

Recalled Loans

  • Items that are in heavy demand may be subject to recall.  
  • This means that if the book is already overdue, the library will make a formal request by email for it to be returned as soon as possible.
  • Items which are recalled cannot be renewed.
  • Recalled items will incur fines if they are not returned to the Library by the required date.

We advise that fines should be paid immediately. Non-payment of debts may restrict your ability to borrow.

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