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Discovery is Marjon Library's single search function. It is the quickest and easiest way to look for resources from our print and electronic collections all in one place.

Using the various filters, you can control how targeted and specific you want your results to be. The Full-Text feature gives you the choice to narrow your results to only resources that the Library subscribes to, or extend your search to other possible sources.

Note: Not all results in Discovery will link to accessible resources, use Full-Text to make sure you only find results that you can view in full.

Discovery works much like any standard search engine, enter keywords to start a search and then use the various filters to narrow your results. There is also an  advance search function that lets you get really specific with your searches. 

Vist the Library help pages for more details, there is a full help booklet and a series of videos taking you throught the whole process of using Discovery, including some of the more advanced features and troubleshooting. 

If you can't find what you need on the library help pages, our User Education Librarian is on hand to answer your Discovery questions.

Submit queries or book a one-to-one session using the contact details below.

We also run an 'Introduction to Discovery' session on searching for academic information as part of AIM. For more information on Aim or to book onto this and other sessions, please follow the link below.


User Services Librarian

Steve Gunard

01752 636700
(ext. 4349)