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Terms of Service

Library Service Provision

This is not intended as an exhaustive list of library policies and/or services, instead they are to cover the basic framework of library provision and the expected standards of user behaviour while making use of the library. Current students should refer to the Library pages on MyMarjon for full details specifically the Terms of Service. Any queries or comments can be directed to the library team.

Contact Details


Telephone: 01752 761145

Opening Hours

Access to our upper floors and associated facilities is only available during our staffed hours. The latest staffed hours will be displayed on the Library Home Page, but all advertised times remain subject to change at short notice. Weekend staffed hours cease over summer. The Library's ground floor remains open 24/7, apart from a short closure for Christmas, additional closures of the ground floor for public holidays or any other reason are entirely at the library’s discretion.

Library Accounts

Library Accounts are tied to individual University ID numbers and can be viewed by logging in with a valid Marjon ID via the library catalogue. Users are responsible for all items issued to their account and any debts incurred, even if using a proxy borrower. Generally no non Marjon users will be able to borrow items or access login dependent E-Resources. Requests can be made for Associate Borrower status but this is at the Head of Libraries discretion.   

Resource Access

The number of items that can be borrowed and the level of access to E-Resources will depend on level and type of study. As mentioned above most non Marjon users will have reference access only.  All access and borrowing allowances remain at the libraries discretion and are subject to change. Details of specific loan limits will be displayed as part of the borrowers account details on the library catalogue or can be queried by contacting the library.

Lost, Stolen & Damaged Items

Users must inform the library of any lost, stolen, damaged etc items as soon as possible. A replacement charge will then be made plus a £10 administration fee. This replacement charge will reflect the current cost for the library to procure a new copy. Alternatively, borrowers may purchase the Library a replacement copy, providing that it is the same edition and format, and is in new or like new condition. If these conditions are met, all applicable charges we will waived. If an item is out of print or otherwise no longer available a fixed charge of £30 will be made. If a lost item is found and returned before a replacement is ordered the borrower will receive a full refund minus any administration charges. No refunds will be possible once a replacement has been ordered.

Security Tags

The Library operates a security tag system to ensure that items which have not been correctly issued are not removed from the Library. Should the system be activated during a borrower’s departure from the Library they should co-operate fully with the staff, including submitting to bag checks if necessary.


The library welcomes all feedback and provides several methods for users to do so, including: Feedback boxes, physical and virtual feedback boards and directed surveys. Users are also always welcome to contact us directly.


Users are encouraged to direct any complaints to the usual library email address in the first instance in the hopes that in can be simply resolved. If a user is unsatisfied with this and wishes to make a more formal compliant, they should direct their communications directly to the Head of Library. Users can also follow the University's Complaints Procedure as detailed in the Student Regulations Framework.



Library staff work hard to provide a welcoming and pleasant environment for all Library users. To help ensure this remains the case all library users must abide by the following guidelines, as well as obeying all posted notices and/or instructions from library staff. If necessary users who do not abide by these guidelines will be removed from the library and disciplinary measure may be taken under the Universities Misconduct Procedure.

  • No smoking anywhere in the library or library supervised areas.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Hot food may only be consumed on the Library's Ground Floor and in The Gallery.
  • Drinks may be consumed anywhere in the library, but the use of  sealed containers is strongly advised to avoid potential damage.
  • All library areas must remain clean and tidy and all rubbish must be disposed of in the bins provided or taken upon exit.
  • Library items must not be damaged in any way. This includes underlining, highlighting, annotating in book margins etc. Such acts will be considered vandalism.
  • Mobile phone use is discouraged and is not permitted at all in any silent study areas. Users are encouraged to use one of the stairwells if they need to make calls.
  • Headphone use is strongly encouraged while using any relevant personal devices.
  • Rude or aggressive behaviour towards library staff or other library users will not be tolerated.


Non-Compliance with Terms

These regulations are not designed to penalise the conscientious user but are necessary to protect the interests of all user equally. The Head of Library is empowered to levy fines of up to £100.00 for breaches of the terms. Users may also be prohibited from using the Library if it’s determined by library staff that they are in breach of these terms or any other library rules.

It is not intended that any of these measures will be imposed punitively and where relevant any mitigating circumstances will be considered before any corrective actions are taken.