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FAQs from parents

Advice and Information for family member/guardians of Marjon students

Moving to University can be tough for a number of reasons.  Students will face challenges such as:

  • Academic pressure
  • Independent living
  • Making new friends
  • Sharing accommodation


While the majority of students will have settled into University life by the end of the first term, there may be a few that need additional support. Here we have compiled some advice and information for family/guardians of those at Plymouth Marjon University. 


Please be aware that both to ensure we respect the privacy of all students and to comply with data protection law University staff cannot discuss specific matters relating to individual students with a third party without written consent, even if this third party is a close relative.

Who can I contact in an emergency?

In an emergency where a 999 call is required please contact 01752 636700 Extension number 22 22. 

The team will wait for the emergency services to arrive and be able to direct them to where they need to go.

Who can I contact if I need to speak to someone urgently?

Due to Data Protection Law the university staff cannot discuss specific matters relating to individual students with a third party without written consent.

However, we appreciate that there may be times that you need to speak to someone urgently. If you need to contact us during office hours please contact Student Wellbeing & Support on 01752 636891. If outside of office hours please contact 01752 636700, Extension number 22 22.

Where can students get medical advice?

We encourage students to register with a GP as soon as they are able.

The University have good links with Elm Surgery; however, a student is welcome to join any surgery they would like.

My relative is on campus upset / in pain, what can I do?

We have Student Life Officers who can contact the student to see what support is needed and assist them with getting help.

We are not able to discuss what assistance has been provided with third parties unless the student gives permission, but we would encourage the student to make contact to update you.

What support is available for mental health conditions?

Students that have a mental health condition should book an appointment with the Disability and Inclusion Services (DIAS) team by emailing

The DIAS team can assist the student in applying for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).  Students that qualify for DSA may be entitled to a Specialist Mentor.

What support is available to students with an SpLD?

Any student that has a diagnosed SpLD should contact the Disability and Inclusion Services (DIAS) team at

The team will assist the student in applying for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). Students that qualify for DSA may be entitled to a Specialist Study Skills Tutor.

What help can you give a student needing general support?

Please encourage the student to contact or to call us on 01752 636891 and we will arrange a wellbeing appointment.

The wellbeing team can provide a listening ear, general support, offer coping strategies and signpost more specialist avenues of support as appropriate.

Do Marjon have trained counsellors available?

Marjon have 2 fully qualified counsellors that can offer students support.

Students can self-refer by emailing

How can I check if a student is accessing support?

We cannot disclose this type of information as students over 18 have a legal right to privacy and are protected by law.

University staff can only discuss a student’s support with their specific, written permission


Can I book an appointment with you on a students' behalf?

We cannot book an appointment for a student without their written permission

We would always prefer that, as adults, students take responsibility for making their own appointments.

Who can I speak to about accommodation issues?

Students should log issues on the University Helpdesk (instructions of how to do this are in their flat/house). If the issue persists the student should then email the Accommodation Manager at

Please note that we cannot discuss accommodation matters with a third party as the contract is with the student, who is over 18.

What if a student is struggling academically?

Each student is allocated a Personal Development Tutor (PDT) to support them with any academic issues so please encourage the student to make an appointment with them.

Students can also visit the Library where they can access general study skills support.

Should the student feel that they might have an SpLD they can contact the Disability and Inclusion Advice Service team (DIAS) at and arrange for a dyslexia screening. Screenings are free of charge.


What do you do to help students settle in and make friends?

There are loads of ways students can get involved in University life throughout the year.

We encourage all students to get in contact with the Student Union and visit the Octagon, where they be given information about clubs, societies, and social opportunities.

What if a students financial circumstances change?

We would encourage the student  to contact Student Funding at

They will be able to discuss their new circumstances with a member of the team.

Where can students seek faith advice?

We have a multi faith chaplaincy where all students are welcome. The chaplaincy is taken care of by two chaplains Michelle Parkman and Claire Mcilroy, who are available Monday – Friday.

Students can visit Michelle and Claire in the Octagon or book an appointment by emailing Michelle, at, or Claire, at

Phone us

01752 636891

Email us