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Cost of living: If you’re struggling to pay our accommodation deposit, please contact our accommodation team for help

First year undergraduate accommodation bursary

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We've announced a new bursary to support new students on the maximum government Maintenance Loan through the cost of living crisis in 2023-24.

The bursary will be claimable by newly arriving first year undergraduates living on site who are in receipt of the maximum Maintenance Loan from the government – which usually means households with an income of below £25,000. To claim the bursary, worth £1000, you will need to submit a copy of your Student Finance Entitlement letter confirming your full Maintenance Loan. The bursary will then subsidise your rent payments, reducing your rent.

The bursary is targeted at supporting those students who may otherwise not be able to come to university due to the cost of living crisis impacting both their and their family’s income. It is intended to help you choose to live onsite, so that you gain more out of the university experience.

As a student you can apply to live in one of around 460 beds in 81 student homes on site, including halls of residence with 4-8 other students in your flat, or small houses. A standard room in halls costs £113/ week, with bills such as electricity, broadband and maintenance included.

There are a limited number of bursaries (50) and you are encouraged to apply early to receive the bursary.


Who is the bursary available to?

The bursary is available to undergraduate first year students who live on site in the 2023-24 academic year, who can demonstrate they are receiving the maximum Maintenance Loan. This means their household income is below £25,000, they are on an eligible course, and they are eligible for Student Finance.

The bursary is not available for students repeating the first year. The bursary will be available to the first 50 students applying.

How much is it, and how is it paid?

The bursary of £1000 is for first year undergraduate students who meet the eligibility criteria and will be paid to students who are living on campus, towards the cost of their accommodation. The amount will be offset towards their rent, split evenly between their second and third rent payments, which are due in January and April.

How do I know if I will be eligible?

Find out more about eligibility for maintenance loans here: Understanding living costs while studying at university or college - GOV.UK (

Prospective students can apply for student funding now, and can send in their Student Finance Entitlement letter as soon as they receive it so that we can confirm your eligibility.

How do I apply?

You will need to send in your Student Finance Entitlement letter to:

Why does it only come off rent in January and April?

This is because the first rent payment is due in September and at that point many students have not yet confirmed their student funding, so it would be complex to deduct at that point.

Spreading the reduction across two payments will provide more balanced costs for students.

If students do have their Maintenance Loan confirmed already, they can send their letter in sooner and have their eligibility confirmed sooner, but the payment will still be processed in the January and April payments of the 2023-24 academic year. For example, if your payment in January is due to be £1800, your bursary of £500 will be taken off that bill, and a further £500 will be taken off the bill in April.

Why is this only available for undergraduate students?

The cost of living crisis is having a particular impact on students completing school, by affecting lower income families just at the time when many of them wish to go to university. We want to support them in this moment to ensure they are not prevented from continuing their studies or from experiencing the full university experience by living on campus. We know living on campus can really help first year students to settle in and feel they belong at university.

We do have other ways in which we support all of our students, for example our Going Places bursaries, bursaries to travel to placements, and our hardship fund. PGCE students on some courses are also eligible for government bursaries.

How many bursaries are available?

A total of 50 bursaries are available to students, and we encourage them to apply early to ensure they are eligible.

What is the Dining in Scheme?

The Dining in Scheme is obligatory for first years living on site, and is a charge on top of your accommodation. It costs £820 and gives you around £19.50 per week to spend on food or in the campus shop, and is a way of ensuring food is budgeted for.