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Student travel on a budget


Use your Marjon Stagecoach discount

Use our discount with Stagecoach. Marjon students and staff are entitled to a 20% discount on 7-day and 28-day bus tickets from Stagecoach – just make sure you have your Marjon ID with you when you get on the bus. Find out more about the process here

Plan your bus journey

Currently bus journey prices are capped to £2 for a single ticket (until June 2023) but return journeys can be far more than £4. Make a saving by buying a single ticket to your destination, and another one to come back.

Travel off-peak

Travelling during off-peak hours is often cheaper than travelling during peak hours. For example, trains and buses are typically cheaper to travel on during the evenings and weekends. For buses you might need to research the specific kind of ticket you need (for example, the Citybus Nightrider, which currently costs £4 and gives you unlimited Zone 1 & 2 travel after 6:30pm until the end of service).

Use a ticket splitter for train travel, especially long journeys

Sometimes individual tickets for parts of a rail route are cheaper than buying one ticket for the whole journey. Ticket splitting websites make the process easier by doing the work for you.

Try Seatfrog for train travel

The Seatfrog app lets you buy tickets, and more importantly, swap tickets you have but don’t need for a different time and/or route. They also offer cheap first class upgrades via a bidding system, which might be more than you need but is nice to have as an option.

Try to book in advance

The earlier you book your travel, the more likely you are to get a good deal. Many airlines and train companies offer discounts for booking in advance.

Consider alternative forms of transport

If you're looking for a cheap way to travel, you might want to consider alternative forms of transport, such as buses, coaches, or even walking or cycling. 

Try the Beryl Bike scheme

The scheme offers access to e-bikes which can be returned at a number of different stations, even directly on campus! Pricing varies, and full details are available on their website.

Look for student discounts

Many businesses and organizations offer discounts to students. Be sure to ask about student discounts when you're making travel arrangements. You can also sign up for websites like UNiDAYS, Student Beans and TOTUM, who offer discounts to students from a wide range of categories, including travel.