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Audit Committee


What the committee does

The Audit Committee advises and assists the Board in its oversight of the integrity and effectiveness of the organisation. It helps the Board to fulfil its responsibilities in a range of areas, examining the processes in place and how they operate, in respect of the entire assurance and control environment of the University.

The committee reviews financial reporting, risk management, internal controls and governance arrangements. In particular, the members analyse reports received from internal and external auditors and review the annual financial accounts. 

The Audit Committee also produces an annual report for the Board of Governors on the adequacy and effectiveness of the institution's arrangements. 

The University's internal auditors are TIAA, the external auditors are Bishop Fleming LLP. Both report directly to the Audit Committee.

The committee's Terms of Reference are aligned with the CUC HE Audit Committees Code of Practice (2020).

Meet our members

The members of the Audit Committee are:

  • Emma van der Lugt (Chair of Committee; Joint Deputy Chair of Board; Governor) 
  • Louise Bridgett (Deputy Chair of Committee; Governor)
  • Vicky Hatton (Governor)
  • Prof John Scott CBE (Co-opted Board Member)
  • Jennie Walker (Co-opted Board Member)


  • Internal Auditors (TIAA)
  • External Auditors (Bishop Fleming LLP)
  • Prof Claire Taylor (Vice-Chancellor)
  • Kevin Dixon (Assistant Finance Director)
  • Stephen Plant (University Secretary & Registrar)
  • Jessamie Thomas (Governance Officer) 

Audit Committee Documents