University Board of Governors

What do we do?

Introduction to the Board of Governors

The primary responsibility of members of the board is to monitor and maintain the solvency of the University and in determining the educational character and mission of the University.

Governors take on two roles. One as Trustee of the Charity and one as Governor of the University of St Mark & St John. As a trustee, members are also responsible for annually signing off the accounts for the company. For more information see the Powers & Duties of the Board , as defined by the Articles of Association.

Charity exemption

Charities Act 2011

The University of St Mark & St John is an exempt Charity by Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011.  We are required to publish the following information:

  • The legal name and address is The University of St Mark & St John, Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BH.
  • The preferred name is University of St Mark & St John and we are often also referred to as ‘Marjon’.
  • The articles, financial statements and trustees are listed on this page.

Who are we?

Members of the Board of Governors

Our board members are: 

Professor Rob Warner, (Vice-Chancellor), Mr Mike Baker (Academic), Mr Richard Bayly (National Society), Dr Paul Bentley (Academic), Dr Sue Brownlow (Independent Diocesan), The Rev’d Preb Cate Edmonds (Independent Diocesan), Ms Claire Gibson (Independent), Mrs Patricia Hind (Co-optee), Mr Elias McGill (Student Union), The Rt Rev'd Nick McKinnel (Independent Diocesan), Mrs Diana Naylor (Professional Staff), Mr John Searson (Independent Diocesan), Ms Michele Shoebridge (Independent), Mr Mike Sturgess (co-optee), Mr Peter Upton (Chair, Independent) Mrs Emma Van der Lugt (Independent).

Members come from a range of sectors and contribute a variety of skills to the Board. The Governing Body should comprise up to 19 members under three categories of membership including the Vice Chancellor, Elected Governors and Nominated Governors.

A list of board members, a short biography of each and details of charities to which they are also a trustee is available here: Governor Information and Interests

How we do things

Committees of the Board of Governors

The following committees report to the Board of Governors: