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University Board of Governors

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What do we do?

The primary responsibilities of members of the Board are to monitor and maintain the solvency of the University and to determine the educational character and mission of the University.

Governors take on two roles: one as Trustee of the Charity and one as Governor of the University of St Mark & St John. Board members are also responsible for annually signing off the accounts of the company.  As well as adhering to company and charity law, the Board’s approach aligns with the CUC Higher Education Code of Governance.

For more information scroll down the page to download the roles and responsibilities, as defined by the Articles of Association.

University documents

Scroll down to access our key documents including the Marjon Growth Plan.

Here are our recent financial statements:



Charities Act 2011

The University of St Mark & St John is an exempt Charity by Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011.  We are required to publish the following information:

  • The legal name and address is The University of St Mark & St John, Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BH.
  • Plymouth Marjon University is a trading name of the University of St Mark & St John
  • The preferred name is Plymouth Marjon University and we are often also referred to as ‘Marjon’.
  • The Articles of Association, Financial Statements and Trustees are listed on this page.

Who are we?

Our Board Members are: 

  • Graham Raikes MBE, Chair of the Board (Directly Appointed Governor)
  • Prof Patricia Hind, Joint Deputy Chair of the Board (Directly Appointed Governor)
  • Emma van der Lugt, Joint Deputy Chair of the Board (Directly Appointed Governor)
  • Prof Claire Taylor, Ex Officio (Vice-Chancellor)
  • Reena Bajaj (Co-optee)
  • James Beckly (Co-optee)
  • Guy Bolt (Co-optee)
  • Sarah Boyd (Marjon Student Union President, Student Governor)
  • Louise Bridgett (Directly Appointed Governor)
  • Rt Rev'd Dr Tim Dakin (Co-optee)
  • Kate Doodson (Directly Appointed Governor)
  • Matt Evans (Directly Appointed Governor)
  • Katherine George (Co-optee)
  • Rt Rev'd James Grier (Bishop Nominated Governor)
  • Vicky Hatton (National Society Nominated Governor)
  • Alex Hawtin (National Society Nominated Governor)
  • Prof Mark Llewellyn (Co-optee)
  • Fiona Nicholls (Academic Staff Governor)
  • Prof John Scott CBE (Co-optee)
  • Duncan Swift (Directly Appointed Governor)
  • Esther Tonna-Morgan (Professional Services Staff Governor)
  • Jennie Walker (Co-optee)
  • Dr Laura Wallis (Academic Staff Governor - Senate)
  • Jackie Westerman (Directly Appointed Independent Governor)
  • Rev'd Tatiana Wilson (Bishop Nominated Governor)

Board Members are all independent, come from a range of sectors and contribute a variety of skills on an unpaid voluntary basis to the Board. 

The Board of Governors comprises up to 19 members under three categories of membership including the Vice-Chancellor, Elected Governors and Nominated Governors. The Board and committees may also recruit co-opted members.

A short biography of each member and their interests is available here.


Committees of the Board of Governors

The following committees report to the Board of Governors:


Expressions of interest

From time to time vacancies occur and new members are recruited to ensure that the Board maintains a strong combined skill set, diverse membership and a fresh and dynamic approach. We are always keen to hear from people who are potentially interested in joining the Board and its committees and welcome all enquiries. 

Plymouth Marjon University has always been committed to inclusion, diversity and social justice and we know that tackling inequalities and injustice requires sustained proactivity in line with our values of ambition, curiosity, humanity and independence.

It is the Board's intention to advertise vacancies widely and we encourage applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds. In line with our ethos of students being central to everything we do our approach is to foster an inclusive environment for the benefit of the whole Marjon community.

For further information on how to register your interest please see the document below. We would be delighted to hear from you. 


Diversity of the Board   

The Board of Governors seeks to maintain a balance of skills, expertise and experience within its membership that enables it to provide appropriate leadership to the University and exercise effective oversight of its affairs.


The Board seeks to remove any barriers that might deter people from expressing an interest in joining the Board and welcomes expressions of interest from people from all backgrounds for consideration for appointment, with the aim of achieving a balance of membership that reflects the diversity of the University's activities and the region. 


We particularly welcome applications which would enhance the ethnic diversity of the Board, and from LGBTQ+ and disabled candidates, as these groups are currently under-represented.

For governors

There are a number of useful guidance documents available for governors and those interested in governance arrangements in Higher Education Institutions. Links can be found below.

Email us

Jessamie Thomas - Governance Officer

Key documents

Board of Governors' Minutes