Finance & Resources Committee


What the committee does

The Finance & Resources Committee is responsible for considering the University's Strategic Plan, staffing establishment and management accounts prior to their submission to the Board of Governors for approval.

This is a finance and general purposes committee that considers estates, finance and HR. The Vice-Chancellor has delegated authority for the running of the University on a day to day basis and the Finance & Resources Committee has to authorise any new, controversial or commercial activities. They also approve the financial plans and accounts before they are presented to the Board of Governors. The Finance & Resources Committee also monitors key statutory returns prior to approval at Board of Governors.  


Terms of reference

Click here to read the terms of reference for the Finance & Resources committee. These outline the constitution, membership, quorum, duties and reporting procedures for the committee. 

Finance & Resources Committee - Terms of Reference

Who's who

Meet our members

The members of the Finance & Resources committee are:

  • Alex Hawtin (Chair)
  • Claire Gibson (Governor)
  • Graham Raikes MBE (Chair of the Board)
  • Prof Patricia Hind (Governor)
  • Kate Doodson (Governor)

In attendance: 

  • Prof Rob Warner (Vice-Chancellor)
  • Simon Arthurs (Director of Finance)
  • Geoffery Gulzar (SU President, Student Governor)
  • Stephen Plant (University Secretary & Registrar)
  • Jessamie Thomas (Governance Officer)