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Finance & Resources Committee


What the committee does

The Finance & Resources Committee advises the Board on matters relating to finance, marketing and estates. The committee ensures that matters are adequately monitored and that information provided to the Board is accurate and complete. The committee advises specifically on annual estimates of income and expenditure and the annual financial accounts, approving these before they are presented to the Board of Governors.

The Finance & Resources Committee also monitors key statutory returns prior to approval by the Board of Governors.

Please see the committee's Terms of Reference, key documents and minutes below and click to see our recent financial statements.

Meet our members

The members of the Finance & Resources Committee are:

  • [Vacancy] - (Chair of Committee; Governor) 
  • Prof Patricia Hind (Deputy Chair of Committee; Governor)
  • Graham Raikes MBE (Qualified Chartered Accountant; Chair of the Board)
  • Prof Claire Taylor (Vice-Chancellor)
  • Kate Doodson (Governor)
  • Katherine George (Co-opted Board Member)
  • Duncan Swift (Governor)

In attendance: 

  • Simon Arthurs (Chief Operating Officer & Finance Director)
  • Stephen Plant (University Secretary & Registrar)
  • Sarah Boyd (Marjon Student Union President; Governor)
  • Jessamie Thomas (Governance Officer) 

Key documents