Remuneration committee


What the committee does

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for reviewing and agreeing any adjustments for the following year, the salary and performance related bonuses of senior staff remunerated above point 51 of the national single pay spine. 


On the record

Minutes of the Remuneration committee are available to the Board of Governors on request. A report from the committee is also submitted to the Board annually.


Terms of reference

Click below to read the terms of reference for the Remuneration committee. These outline the constitution, membership, quorum, duties and reporting procedures for the committee.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference 2018/19

Who's who

Meet our members

The members of the Remuneration committee are:

  • Richard Stevens (Chair)
  • Graham Raikes (Chair of the Board)
  • Emma van der Lugt (Chair of Audit committee)
  • Richard Bayly (Chair of Finance & Resources committee)

In attendance as required:

  • Rhys Roberts (Student Govenor)
  • Rob Warner (Vice-Chancellor) 
  • Lucy Pengelly (Head of HR)
  • Unity Stuart (Clerk)