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Remuneration Committee


What do we do?

The Remuneration Committee operates in line with the CUC HE Senior Staff Remuneration Code. It is responsible for overseeing fair and appropriate remuneration. It reviews and agrees the salary and performance-related bonuses of senior staff remunerated above point 51 of the national single pay spine and agrees any adjustments for the following year. It ensures there is: a fair, appropriate and justifiable level of remuneration; procedural fairness; transparency and accountability.

The committee reports to the Board of Governors via a Senior Remuneration Annual Report. This report serves to provide assurance that the committee has effectively discharged its responsibilities. Based upon this report, the University publishes a readily available Senior Remuneration Annual Statement; please see below. 


Meet our members

The members of the Remuneration Committee are:

  • Prof Patricia Hind (Chair; Deputy Chair of Finance & Resources Committee; Governor)
  • Emma van der Lugt (Deputy Chair; Chair of Audit Committee; Governor)
  • Alex Hawtin (Chair of Finance & Resources Committee; Governor)
  • Graham Raikes MBE (Chair of the Board; Member of Finance & Resources Committee; Governor)
  • Stephen Criddle OBE (Member of Audit Committee; Governor)
  • Jackie Westerman (Governor) 

In attendance as required (not for discussions/decisions regarding their own remuneration)

  • Prof Michelle Jones (Vice-Chancellor [Interim])
  • Lucy Pengelly (Director of People and Organisational Development) 
  • Jessamie Thomas (Governance Officer)

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Governance Officer - Jessamie Thomas