Postgraduate programmes

Master of Education (adobe .pdf, 615 kbs)

Master in Leadership and Management (adobe .pdf, 632 kbs)

Master in Journalism (adobe .pdf, 499 kbs)

Master in Professional Enquiry (adobe .pdf, 573 kbs)

Master in Professional Studies (adobe .pdf, 551 kbs)

Master in Social Policy (adobe .pdf, 607 kbs)

MEd Professional Development (adobe .pdf, 670 kbs)

MSc Psychology (, 463 kbs)

PGCE Primary (School Direct) (adobe .pdf, 585 kbs)

PGCE General Primary (5 - 11) (adobe .pdf, 611 kbs)

PGCE Secondary (School Direct) (adobe .pdf, 591 kbs)

PGCE Secondary (adobe .pdf, 445 kbs)