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Medical Insurance

Short Course Students

If you are going to study at Plymouth Marjon University on a short course you must purchase Medical Insurance and provide the University with details of your cover. If you would like us to arrange this for you we can, please ask well in advance of your arrival. We use a company called Endsleigh who can provide you with an insurance policy to cover private health care, travel and theft.  Make sure you keep any receipts you are given so you can claim costs back from your insurance company.

Long Stay Students

If you are staying in the UK for more than six months you are entitled to free consultations with the doctor and use of the British National Health System to a wide degree. To make sure you make the most of this you should register with a doctor when you arrive at the University.  All emergency treatment at the hospital is free. Any medicine that you are prescribed by the doctor can be purchased at a chemist.

You may decide that you would like to buy private medical insurance as well.  This would entitle you to use private health care facilities which may offer treatment more quickly. You can purchase this insurance before you leave home or we can arrange it for you with Endsleigh Insurance Company. You would be able to claim medical costs back from your insurance company so make sure you keep any receipts you are given.

Property Insurance

If you are living on campus then your room is insured by Plymouth Marjon University. You pay for this as part of your rent. If you are living in a homestay the things in your room should be insured under their homeowners insurance. This may not cover things you take out of your room, so if you have an expensive lap-top computer for example, you may want to consider insuring it separately. If you are in doubt you can talk to your host about the extent of their insurance cover. 

If you are living in private rented accommodation you should buy insurance cover for your belongings. Endsleigh Insurance Company specialises in Student Insurance and should be able to help you with this.  

Travel Insurance

If you are planning to go travelling you can buy travel insurance from many different places, including the post office and the supermarket.  STA Travel deal with all student travel needs including insurance requirements.