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Telephone calls

Receiving phone calls

If you have a mobile phone which can work in the UK you will be able to make and receive phone calls easily, though this could be very expensive. A cheaper option is to buy a UK SIM card on arrival which you can top up with credit.

Whether you live on campus or with a Homestay Host, you will be able to receive phone calls from home. Please be considerate to others and make sure that people calling you from your home country are aware of the time difference with the UK.

How family and friends can contact you:

Family and friends can contact you on campus by dialling the University switchboard number and your extension number which is found on the phone socket on the wall:

  • From outside the UK : +44 1752 636700
  • From inside the UK : 01752 636700


Making a phone call

You can call from the payphone, situated in the main reception area; this is convenient though it can be expensive. You can use your computer to speak to friends and family via programmes such as Skype or on your mobile use WhatsApp for free text, audio and video messaging.