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How to join the Sports Federation

The MSF offer many opportunities for you to get involved in sport outside your University Studies. With a range of activities to choose from, you will discover amazing opportunities, make new passions and make lifelong friends. Whether you’re interested in playing sport or rather in administrative role within a club; you will develop new skills that will help boost your C.V. and employability – which is essential when you graduate.

To be entitled to join individual sports clubs at Plymouth Marjon University, students must first join the MSF for which there will be a fee. The funds raised from this process are re-invested into student sport to buy items such as sports kit and playing equipment as well as paying for the training facilities and coaches. MSF members are covered by Endsleigh Elite Personal Accident Insurance. In addition to the funds raised via this process Plymouth Marjon University also invests heavily in student sport. MSF and club memberships are valid for one academic year.

Click the link to complete the online registration process: Online Registration Link







Your Marjon Sports Federation membership includes:

  • BUCS affiliation
  • Access to sports training facilities
  • Affiliation to your National Governing Body, where required.
  • Playing kit (team dependent)
  • Equipment (team/competition dependent)
  • Access to qualified sports coaching (if applicable)
  • Transport to BUCS team matches (minibuses / coaches/ fuel/ drivers)

Should you not pay your membership:

  • You will not be eligible to attend any sport team social or training sessions
  • You will not be eligible to play in any BUCS competitions, with reference to BUCS Regulation 4 – Individual Eligibility under Regulation 4.1.6: ‘For a Student to be eligible to participate in BUCS competitions they shall have paid the appropriate Athletic Union or equivalent subscription.'
  • BUCS have the right to question any player at any time and ask to see a valid membership card. If a valid card is not presented by the player when requested, this has the potential to lead to a forfeit of a match or face elimination from competition.
  • The Marjon Sports Federation has the right to put any unpaid membership case to the Marjon Executive Committee who will issue sanctions/fines against any individual.