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Why do we have small class sizes?


In larger universities, you will often hear of people sitting at the back of large lecture theatres, not taking part. We know that’s not the best way to learn. We believe in hands-on debate and hands-on learning. We believe that when tutors know you – how you best learn, what interests you, what your goals are – they can help you to love your subject even more. So we aim to make learning interactive and practical, investing in the best kit and facilities and taking you outside the traditional “classroom“ to engage your brain in new ideas.


Criminology students may find themselves learning in the court room; psychology students may be analysing the interactions on the hockey pitch, or business students visiting the local zoo to understand their marketing strategy. Education students spend time in schools but also take up other opportunities, such as teaching in refugee centres or at outdoor education camps. And we have many onsite clinics for members of the public so that health sciences students can learn directly in a clinical environment – with all the real-life complexity and satisfaction that brings.

Small class sizes simply means – we know you. We care about you. And we help you to succeed.