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Ten ways we're proud to make a difference in Plymouth


We believe in making a difference in our local community and far beyond.

Read on for just some of the ways that we are proud to make a difference in Plymouth.  

The most powerful gift

According to Nelson Mandela, "the most powerful gift you can give to the world is Education". In the 179 years since Marjon began, it has produced over 100,000 educators, together they've made quite a difference to the world!

No waiting lists

Bad back or sports injury? Book into our Sports and Health Clinic which takes over 400 bookings per month. You can receive diagnosis and rehabilitation programmes, as well as specialist treatment such as electro or hydrotherapy.

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Health & wellbeing clinics

Chronic pain patients, diabetes patients, leg ulcer patients and fibromyalgia patientsreceive individualised treatment and prevention programmes at our clinics. 

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Inspirational spaces

The Plymouth Symphony Orchestra and the South West Chamber Choir use our our atmospheric Chapel to rehearse, our Actors Wheel actors perform to thousands of audience members across the South West, the UK and Europe.


Cancer clinic

Our important research had a positive effect on people with cancer, as part of the pioneering patient-centred cancer rehabilitation and exercise research programme in partnership with the Mustard Tree Centre. 


Reading for pleasure

We want to ignite passion for reading! Our trainee teachers visit primary schools to help young readers develop a passion for books from a young age. We also regularly invite preschoolers from our on-site nursery into the our library, where is is a room dedicated to children's books.

Back pain clinic

We have an Osteopathy clinic run by two very experienced and fully qualified osteopaths, supported by students who are training in Osteopathy. Over 90 people with back pain took part in specialist research taking place at our health and wellbeing centre. Watch this archive footage of a 2012 back clinic featuring expert lecturers.

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Memory cafe

People with dementia, their families and supporters come to our fortnightly cafes which are an opportunity to meet up and exchange information and their experiences of living with memory problems. Marjon Memory Café offers a friendly and fun environment where guests can feel safe.

Community sport

Over 400 children take part in our learn to swim programme. Over 270 footballers of all ages play in Plymouth Marjon FC and 15 community clubs use the Marjon Sport Centre. Our students volunteer with Plymouth Argyle Football Community Trust, working with 50 young players from the city every week.

Giving voice

People with Parkinson's, stroke, and brain injury are referred to our on-site speech and language clinics. We take referrals from the NHS and the Stroke Association and students work directly withclients under close supervision. in 2017 four amazing BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy students have received a national ‘Giving Voice’ award from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy in recognition of their voluntary work in raising awareness of speech and language needs.