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Student as a researcher

The Research & Knowledge Exchange Office has launched the Marjon Student Researcher Scheme, designed to enhance the research culture and integration between teaching and reseach across the university. 



Marjon Student Researchers provides opportunities for students to work as paid research assistants on a variety of discipline and pedagogic research and knowledge exchange projects across all Schools and in collaboration with professional services.

Student testimonials

Melodie Benson

“The Student as Researcher role has enabled me to develop my creativity, problem-solving and IT skills through learning to create infographics. Before the project I had not heard of infographics, thus I have learnt a completely new skill which I have already been able to apply to my university assign”



Mutually beneficially for staff and students

Benefits for Students

The student as researcher roles will be of value to students considering postgraduate study and/or working in a research field or in academia.  Participating students develop and enhance a range of transferable skills which will benefit them in their post-University careers for instance working independently and in a team, time management and planning, and digital literacy.  Students are paid above the living wage and benefit from relevant paid employment for a fixed time.


Benefits for Staff

Project leads benefit from hours of assistance in designing, preparing, conducting and analysing research in their chosen field.  Student researchers can make possible work which may otherwise have not been conducted by sharing the workload, their knowledge and their insights.  The outputs from Marjon Student Researchers will be expected to contribute to improvement in the student research culture, involve dissemination of the research to wider stakeholders and support the enhancement of our reputation. Staff will not be allocated additional time within the academic contribution framework to mentor student as researchers.

The Research & Knowledge Exchange Office will invite staff to submit applications to recruit Marjon student researchers on an annual basis, or where funding is available.

Approved projects are advertised to students via the Marjon job vacancies webpage, and shared on MyMarjon. All Marjon Students are welcome to apply for the Student Researcher posts. Students will all follow a fair and transparent interview and recruitment process. 

Work patterns and hours will vary by project and be agreed between the project lead and successful candidate.

Students interested in applying for a post are encouraged to contact the Futures Team for support on their applications and interviews. 

Contact for any further queries.