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Password Information

How to use Password Reset Manager

Password Information

The password we use to access email, University PC's and the WiFi system is required to be a strong password. 

This generally means a password over a minimum length and with a variety of characters.  For example,  a short password like 'mum' is simpler to crack than a longer one like 'Reindeer#Flotilla'.

Our logons require a minimum of 14 characters, with a mix of UPPER and lower case letters, numbers 0-9 and symbols.

NOTE: Due to our mix of different systems, some international devices do not recognise the £ British Pound Stirling symbol.  Therefore advise this symbol is not used in a password.



Self-Service Password Reset 

To assist students and staff in maintaining secure passwords, there is an online password reset system, using similar questions many banks and Internet service providers use for forgotten/expired passwords.  For example, these could be your previous school or places you have lived.

Additionally, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is used to provide additional credentials to access your account.

The Microsoft Password Security page allows you to change your password when you like, however Microsoft Password Security  profile has to be completed before you forget your password. It can be accessed via the Internet 24/7.

Once your profile is set up you will be able to change your password at anytime from anywhere with Internet access.

Setting up Microsoft Password Security

  • Go to the Register for Password Reset page
  • Enter your email address 
  • Enter the CAPTCHA details,
  • [Next]
  • You can verify you account with the following
    • Alternative Email address
    • Text to your Mobile Phone
    • Call to your Mobile Phone
    • Approve with Authenticator App
    • Enter a code into Authenticator App

What do you do if you have forgotten you password?



If you have any problems with the Password Reset Manager, please do not hesitate to contact