Password Information

Using the Password Reset Manager to change your password via the Internet 24/7

The password we all use to access email, University PC's and the WiFi system is required to be a strong password.  This generally means a password over a minimum length and with a variety of characters.  For example,  a short password like 'mum' is simpler to crack than a longer one like 'Reindeer#Flotilla'.

To assist students and staff in maintaining secure passwords the University have set up an online Password Reset Manager system, of a similar Q&A type many banks and Internet service providers use for forgotten/expired passwords. Password Reset Username

Imagine the following situation, your are expecting important information to be emailed out but you cannot login to your email while you are on holiday, teaching practice or similar so are unable to come into Uni to change your password!! If you have forgotten your password or locked your account you will noit be able to access LS, Library online resources or upload to Turnitin!!

We have the answer for you, the Marjon Password Reset Manager (PRM) allows you to change your password when you like, great! However, as with all great systems you must set up a profile PRIOR to using the Marjon Password Reset Manager (PRM). This has to be completed before you forget your password.

Once your profile is set up you will be able to change your password at anytime from anywhere with Internet access.

Click here Setting up Password Reset Manager for step-by-step instructions on how to set up a profile.
(To be able to view our step-by-step instructions you will need a pdf reader. You can download one here)

So what do you do if you have forgotten you password?

  1. Go to the Password Reset Manager Home page located at
  2. Once the page loads enter your username (student number) and click OK.
  3. Now correctly answer the questions you previously set up (CaSe SeNsItIvE remember), click Next.
  4. Enter a new password of at least 14 characters (Using a mix of UPPER and lowercase, numbers and symbols)
  5. Then re-type the new password in the "Confirm new password" box. 
  6. Click Finish

If you have any problems with the Password Reset Manager, please do not hesitate to contact us at :