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Forgotten password

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) won't let me log in. What can I do?

There could be several reasons for this and the solution will depend on what that reason is.

Are you a CPD/PPD student or an external user who does not have a Marjon email address?
If so, please email the VLE Helpdesk for help with the problem.

All other students and staff please see below:

The most likely reason you cannot log in is that either your password has expired or you have forgotten your password. If you don't think that is the case then it is, of course, possible that the VLE may be having problems. If you can log in to your Marjon Email account but not the VLE then it is very likely that it is the VLE itself which has problems. You may like to let us know about that.

Expired or Forgotten Password

Marjon has a "Password Reset Manager" to help you reset your password if you have forgotten it. When you go to the Password Reset Manager it will ask you to answer four questions about yourself. If you provide the right answers (the answers are case sensitive) then it will let you enter a new password which will re-enable your access to Marjon services. In order for this to work you need to have previously given the system the correct answers while your password was still valid. This is called 'setting up a password reset profile'. All students and staff are strongly encouraged to do this when they first join Marjon, it is however not compulsory.

Yes, I have set up a Password Reset Profile

Good, go to the Marjon Microsoft Password Reset, enter your username and select "Forgot My Password". You will be prompted to answer the four personal questions you had previously entered. When these have been correctly answered you will be given the opportunity to enter a new password.  NOTE - LONGER SECURE passwords will require 14 characters, that will require a mix of UPPER and lowercase, numbers and symbols.

No, I did not set up a Password Reset Profile

This makes life more difficult and we will not be able to help you outside of office hours (UK Time). You need to contact the Computing Services Helpdesk, either by calling in person at the helpdesk in the 24 hour study room (the helpdesk is open 9am to 5pm weekdays), by telephone on 01752 636700/777188 extension 4333, or by email, although as LearningSpace and your University email share the same authentication system you will not be able to use your University email account so you will need to use an external email address which makes the second part of the process more difficult. The helpdesk staff will ask you for three items of information like your date of birth, your name, your student number and another item of information selected from your University records. If you are able to verify your identity they will provide you with a passcode to set up your Password Reset Profile. To use it go to the Marjon Microsoft Password Reset , enter your username then select the "I have a Passcode" option and follow the instructions for setting up a "question and answer profile". You will then be able to use the Password Reset Manager to set a new password as described above. Click to find out more about the Password Reset Manager.