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eduroam  allows students and staff from Marjon to obtain Internet access when visiting other participating institutions by using their (slightly modified) marjon network logon details.    For more information about eduroam, visit the Eduroam Information page

We have access to eduroam for guests available in the public areas of the library, dining hall and Barjon.

If you are visiting other institutions, you do not need a guest logon while you visit.  You can instead connect to their eduroam wireless network, and use your (extended) Marjon email address and password to logon.

Your account (  and password) is dealt with by eduroam and authenticated with your Marjon network logon details to allow access.

The slightly modified extended email address, for technical reasons, needs to include a net. part of the username  to identify your account correctly.  For example - 

FieldType in
Password Secret007Password



Example Configuration


Select eduroamEnter your detailsAccept the certificate
 ‌ios-eduroam-1  ‌ios-eduroam-2  ios-eduroam-3
Enter your Marjon email address and password The certificate asks you to verify is it correct.  


EduRoam CAT 

 The Eduroam CAT builds a customised configuration file to help with the connection to eduroam

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