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Check for quarantined email

Log on with your username / password combination to check for quarantined email. Messages can be deleted or delivered to you email box.

Eduroam @ net.marjon.ac.uk

Eduroam logon available.

What is eduroam? in brief, it is a wireless roaming service for higher education users.

We have access to eduroam available in the public areas of Library and the dining hall.

If you are visiting other institutions, you do not need a guest logon while you visit.  You can instead connect to their eduroam wireless network and use your Marjon logon details to logon.

Your account (username and password) is dealt with by eduroam and authenticated with your Marjon network logon details.


FieldType in
Username 20009999@net.marjon.ac.uk
Password password


For your username, the @net. part of the username is required to identify your account.


Print, Scan and Copy

Multi Function Devices - Cloud Printing

Did you know with the A4 and A3 Multi Function colour Devices you can -  
  • Log on to any MFD with your library card
  • Pay for print credits online at http://www.marjon.ac.uk/students/pay/
  • Print and collect from any printer you visit
  • Print double sided to save paper
  • Photocopy
  • Scan to your network home folder
  • Scan to an email, to yourself or a contact


Log on to Papercut

  • Check your Print Credits
  • Use Web Print to print .PDF files


Apple IOS

Log on to Papercut

Apple OSX

Log on to Papercut

  • Download the PCClient.app 
  • Navigate to [System Preferences] [Printers & Scanners]. 
  • Under Printers, select the [+],  select the Mac_Printing @ Marianne printer,  [Add] 
  • [X] to close the Print and Scan dialog box



Log on to Papercut







Smart Campus

Smart Campus the enabling of a variety of services through the computing infrastructure  Smart Campus logo brain mouse

University Content Management System

Terminal Four / Terminalfour Site Manager - T4

The University of St Mark & St John uses Terminal Four / Terminalfour Site Manager as our enterprise content management solution.

The CMS launched in July 2007.

For any technical issues queries regarding the Marjon CMS package please email istjohn@marjon.ac.uk.