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Computers & Printing

IT Helpdesk

Struggling with a technical issue? Simply type http://help/ into a browser using any PC on campus and you'll be able to raise a helpdesk call, even if you're not logged into the network. Click to find out more.


Software downloads

There's a host of handy software available to help you while you study. Click to discover our links to new-student essentials.

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How to save your work

All student-facing computers at the University are protected by DeepFreeze which reverts the machine back to a default state at every restart. If you save your work to the computer, you'll lose it if/when the machine restarts. So make sure you save your work to an external device (USB drive, DVD etc.), email it to yourself or save it to your network N: drive.

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AV resources

The Computing and Media Services team can loan a range of AV equipment (e.g. projectors, video cameras, laptops etc.) to students, and offer access to recording facilities for lectures, seminars, observations etc.

Media staff can also arrange support for the use of recording facilities for students working on projects. We'll need five days' notice, so be sure to get in early with any requests.

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Student number and storage

When you join the University, you'll be allocated a student number and password. These will form your network login and authentication to access resources on the network, email, Learning Space, WiFi and computers. We advise all students to set up a profile on the Password Reset Manager system so they can change their password to something a little more memorable.

As a student with us, you'll have your own private storage folder on our network, which allows you to store up to 500Mb of data. Look for the letter 'N': followed by your unique student number.


Eduroam is a wireless roaming service for higher education users. It is available in the public areas including the Library and the Dining Hall.

If you are visiting other institutions, you do not need a guest logon while you visit. You can instead connect to their Eduroam wireless network and use your Marjon logon details to logon.

Your account (username and password) is dealt with by eduroam and authenticated with your Marjon network logon details.

Password password

For your username, the @net. part of the username is required to identify your account.


Print, Scan and Copy


Multi Function Devices Cloud Printing

  • Log on to any MFD with your library card

  • Pay for print credits online at Marjon ePay

  • Check your Print Credits Log on to Papercut
  • Print and collect from any printer you visit

  • Print double sided to save paper

  • Photocopy

  • Scan to your network home folder

  • Scan to your Microsoft OneDrive
  • Scan to an email, to yourself or a contact


Setup your device to connect to Cloud Printing

To setup your device click Set up Cloud Printing

 and follow the onscreen instructions




Apple OSX

Log on to Papercut

  • Check your Print Credits

To setup your device click the following link


 and follow the onscreen instructions.

NOTE: OSX will print in Colour by default. To print in mono please read below

In the office application select Print 

  1. Click the PDF button at bottom and select PDF Preview
  2. In the Preview there is a B/W tick-box to tick if you want it in mono, leave it default un ticked for colour 
  3. Make sure “cloud printing” is selected and NOT ios_printing or Cloud Printing on Airick they do not work
  4. Click Print 
  5. Login usingMarjon account in the format mjnet\yourusername and password
  6. Job should be waiting on MFD

If no printout please ensure your device is connected correctly to MarjonWifi or Marjon-Secure