Print, Scan and Copy

Cloud Printing

Did you know with the A4 and A3 multi function colour devices you can -


  • Log on to any MFD with your library card

  • Pay for print credits online at

  • Print and collect from any printer you visit

  • Print double sided to save paper

  • Photocopy

  • Scan to your network home folder

  • Scan to an email, to yourself or a contact


Log on to Papercut

  • Check your Print Credits

  • Use Web Print to print .PDF files


Apple IOS

Log on to Papercut

Apple OSX

Log on to Papercut

  • Download the 

  • Navigate to [System Preferences] [Printers & Scanners]. 

  • Under Printers, select the [+],  select the Mac_Printing @ Marianne printer,  [Add] 

  • [X] to close the Print and Scan dialog box



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