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Physiology lab

Advance equipment for work with athletes, patients and for health research. 

We’re working hard to make our virtual tours accessible. Until it is fully accessible there is an accessible version of the scene below.

Three students in a practical session on the anti-gravity treadmill

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Alex:The Physiology lab is an open space and in it students are using advanced sport and health science equipment.

The jump sensor pad works out flight times and calculates how high people can jump. It is used by athletes to monitor changes in performance.

The body composition analyser sends electrical signal through the body to calculate muscle and fat composition. It is used for general health checks and with professional athletes to monitor muscle mass.

The cortex gas analysis system measures respiratory gases, how much oxygen someone is breathing in and how much carbon dioxide is coming out. It measures someone’s maximum ability to take on board oxygen.

The anti gravity treadmill reduces body weight to as little as 20% to reduce impact forces while running, used for injury recovery.

There are several blood analysis options, this student is measuring blood lactate concentration which is a by-product of anaerobic exercise such as sprinting.

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