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Sport & Health clinic

The University's state-of-the-art sports centre is fast becoming the health hub of choice for fitness enthusiasts across Plymouth and beyond. 

We’re working hard to make our virtual tours accessible. Until it is fully accessible there is an accessible version of the scene below.

BSc Sports Therapy

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Alex:The Sport and Health clinic has a number of treatment beds and an active rehabilitation area. There is a reception and waiting area for clients too.

The rehab area is well equipped with equipment used to prevent injury and return you to fitness, including weights, medicine balls, steps, bands, foam rollers, exercise balls, mats and wobble cushions.

The Game Ready system is used to reduce swelling and pain and to increase range of motion, applying ice and compression to areas of the body.

A range of electrotherapy modalities are available including therapeutic, diagnostic ultrasound and TENS machines. These are used to diagnose and treat many different injures.

All first-time clients have a thorough consultation and assessment discussion with a therapist to establish an accurate diagnosis, from which they devise the best course of treatment.

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