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Guidance for effective studying online

The university has developed a new hybrid way of delivering teaching which uses the best parts of online and physical delivery. This uses technology to ensure students get the best teaching and learning experience, as well as access to teaching and support staff when and where they need it.

In 2020-21, teaching will be delivered through physical on campus and online teaching complimented by online activities and resources. This will ensure all students have access to their teaching without barriers. We have developed this new way of teaching so that it uses the best new techniques and technologies. Crucially, this learning experience will prepare students for the post COVID-19 workplace, and it’s likely that we will retain many of these flexible features even when the threat from COVID-19 is over.

We use an online virtual learning environment, and we use other state of the art technology and tools such as live streaming and Microsoft Teams for meetings and discussions. You will be encouraged to connect with staff and students in person and online to create a connected and collaborative learning community. We will be utilising online assessment techniques and to support students who are unable to attend physical teaching, it will be streamed and recorded.

We have videos, guides and resources available to help you get the most out of your experience and ensure you have the skills you need to use the technologies and tools during your studies. Our support services will also be on hand to help with any issues and offer training on the systems and technologies used.

Links and information around online learning, support and collaboration:

  • Resources and advice on how to study online.
  • One to one appointments can be delivered through Microsoft Teams. There is an informal messenger function on this. If you want to chat something through, you can either email and ask for an appointment in the normal way, or use Teams to message and make an appointment, just as you might stop off in an office. You can then use this system to make the call. It can be by video or just by voice, depending on your comfort with that, but you will need wi-fi. We do not encourage lecturers to share their personal mobile numbers.
  • Please note all of this is still within normal working hours, though some people may be working more flexibly.
  • Personal Development Tutor sessions will also be delivered online, through Microsoft Teams, either in small groups or as one-to-one sessions.

How do I contact staff?

Academic staff and support staff can be contacted through the normal routes e.g. Emails but additionally you can use Microsoft Teams to have remote meetings and conversations. You should make sure you have teams installed on a device you will be using – there are mobile and desktop versions available and you will be able to log in with your normal Marjon details.

How do I access online seminars/meetings through Teams?

Your academic members of staff will contact you about online sessions that are happening. They may do this through your LearningSpace page or via email. You should make sure to check both regularly for updates. You can access your webmail for your emails from this link – or from LS and the Marjon mobile app.

If you are having a session through Teams you will be sent a link to join the meeting. When you click on this it will open the meeting in either a browser or the app if you have it installed and will let you join the meeting. You should make sure you have a microphone and webcam.

How do I access online lessons through Panopto?

If you are having an online lesson through Panopto you can access this from the REPLAY block on your module page during the time the session is taking place. You will be able to ask questions and add notes to the live session for your lecturer to see.

How will I be contacted?

You will be contacted through the normal methods of Email, Module page news forum posts and additionally through Microsoft Teams, general notices will also go out on the Hub and through the Marjon Mobile app. Make sure you have installed all the appropriate apps onto your devices you will be working from at home so that we can stay in touch with you.

Is the Library open?

  • The Library is currently closed, but we are planning to reopen ready for September.
  • The Library staff will provide support to students at home, and have been working on increasing access to digital books.
  • Loans have been extended; you must not return to campus to bring back books, or come to campus to take out books. You will need to contact if you are unable to renew items, so we can resolve issues with your account. Please use your online Library account to manage your loans.

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Five tips for online classes

1. Set up your study space, ideally somewhere you won’t be disturbed by family, friends or background noise. You might focus better if you make your study space a social media free zone.

2. Set out a schedule including timetabled classes, independent study and assignment deadlines. You might find the routine of studying at regular times helps to keep you on track.

3. Participate in online discussions with your course mates.

4. Stay in close contact with your lecturers and support staff. We want to help you and understand how it is going.

5. Take breaks every 45 minutes, look away from the screen and move around. Include a walk or other exercise in your schedule.

You’ve got this #TeamMarjon!

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Checklist for coming to campus

  1. Do not come to campus if you have symptoms. 
  2. Don't forget your face covering.
  3. Organise your vaccinations if you are not already fully vaccinated.