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How will teaching and learning work from September 2020?

Our principles are to teach in a way which is safe, flexible and personal, because we know that a personal approach is most effective for our students. We’ll follow government guidelines to keep you safe, and we’ll offer both online and offline options so that if you have to shield or isolate, you can keep up with your studies and with your friendships.

We are at Level 3 of our Coronavirus operating levels.

At level 3, you will learn through a hybrid approach of on-campus and online teaching and learning. There will be an online-only option for those who need to remain at home. Practical activities will be appropriately socially distanced e.g. laboratories, performing, sports.

We are very proud of our incredible network of support to help you to succeed in your studies, and this will continue. Learning will be supported with personal support from Personal Development Tutors, module leads, and Programme Leads. You might meet your tutors online, or in person but following social distancing guidelines. The support system for academic work is varied and includes:

  1. Personal Development Tutor, responsible for supporting you throughout the course with academic, pastoral and career support.
  2. Module Leads, responsible for ensuring that students achieve the module goals.
  3. Programme Lead, responsible for the overall delivery and operations of the programme.
  4. Course representatives for each year; students who are elected by their peers to represent the class views, who work closely with academics to improve the programme.
  5. Staff Student Liaison Committee, a group of academics and course reps who work to bring about continuous improvement in the course.
  6. Library and study skills support.
  7. Extenuating circumstances support for when life gets on top of your studies.

The flexible approach which includes on campus and online activities will ensure that if you need to isolate you can continue your studies from home. At all times we will adhere to government guidelines, and we are working closely with the professional accrediting bodies for professional courses to ensure that you can learn effectively and safely during the practical elements of your course.

We are introducing many new outdoor spaces on campus to enable social learning to take place in a safe and inspiring environment.

Personal timetables for all students are available via Learning Space and the Marjon App.  Our core teaching hours are 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. Only in a very small number of exceptions do classes happen at other times.

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Checklist for coming to campus

  1. Do not come to campus if you have symptoms. 
  2. Don't forget your face covering.
  3. Organise your vaccinations if you are not already fully vaccinated.