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Law and Criminology

Investigate how society tackles crime from both a legal and sociological perspective

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A focus on the examination of real-world examples of how to apply principles of law and criminology

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Full-time Part-time

Entry requirements

Three A-levels at grades CCC or above

Or BTEC triple grades MMM or above

Or Access 23-45 D/M with min 6D

And GCSE English Language, Maths and a Science at grade 4 or grade C or above


UCAS institution code P63

Duration 3 years full-time. Part-time options available.

Course Summary

This courses examines how both the law and the sociology of criminal deviancy affect and mould the everyday lives of every citizen. We explore not just the English legal system with all its component parts and core areas of study, but also the causes and origins of criminal behaviours which go to make up our society.

Why this course at Marjon?

You'll gain a variety of transferable skills so as to make you desirable to employers, both in the legal industry and out of it.

Our focus on values-based education will give you the opportunity to go on and make a difference in the world.

You will be able to follow a career as a solicitor or barrister; perhaps a family lawyer, human rights lawyer or environmental lawyer where you can make meaningful and lasting impacts on individuals and on society.

What might you become?

Undertaking this degree ensures that students will be capable of entering a wide variety of professions and careers within the criminal justice environment. Following successful completion of professional examinations, students will be able to enter the legal profession as either a solicitor or barrister. Alternatively, students may opt to enter the broader criminal justice landscape of police, prison or probation service, They may also become involved in youth offending, the civil service or the academic world.