Master of Public Health (MPH)Direct applications

    Course Overview

    Duration: One year and three months full-time or three years part-time
  • Public Health is an interdisciplinary area which aims to prevent disease, prolong life and promote health. It addresses broad issues that can affect the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, populations, and societies. This masters level programme is aimed at graduates and professionals from a range of backgrounds and will develop your knowledge, skills and capabilities in key areas such as health surveillance, intervention, leadership and policy development.

    The programme is both for students who want to enter the field of public health and for those already working as a health professional who want to progress their career. There will be opportunities to engage with employers and real-world projects and for those already in employment there will be  opportunities to network and develop their understanding and competences.

    The intention is to run the full-time programme on 3 days of the week and part-time route on one day a week. We are seeking accreditation from APHEA and for CPD accreditated modules from the government's Faculty of Public Health. This is a new course starting in 2017 and is currently subject to validation.

    The Master of Public Health (MPH) is a ‘specialised’ Master’s Degree in that it has academic and professional elements, taking an interdisciplinary approach to areas related to public health. Students are taught how to monitor, diagnose and regulate the health concerns of communities through public policies’.

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The following modules are to be studied and the number in brackets indicates the year of study for part-time students:

1st Year
  • Introduction to Public Health (1)
  • Quantitative Research (1)
  • Health Promotion (1)
  • Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Disease (1)
  • Leadership for Public Health  (1)
  • Public Health Policy & Politics (2)
  • Qualitative Research (2)
  • Public Health Economics (2)
  • Health Protection (2)
  • Dissertation (3)

Entry Requirements & Fees

Career Opportunities

Graduates will be well placed to apply for public health roles in local or national government health departments. The range of jobs varies widely, and can include epidemiology, environmental health, health education, health promotion, health policy development, research and health advocacy.

While studying students on this course can apply for student membership with The Royal Society of Public Health and upon completion of the course students will be eligible to apply for a fellowship membership.

Course Leader

Dr Giorgos Sakkas is a Clinical Exercise Expert specializing in interventions to improve quality of life and overall health prognosis in chronic disease patients and has acted as principal investigator or co-investigator in many research projects.