Sports Science Lab

Biomechanics & Physiology Laboratories

Sports Lab - Qualysis pro reflex MCU240Hz

Qualysis pro reflex MCU240Hz

This advanced three-dimensional, high-speed, motion-capturing system with integrated force plates is used for motion analysis and inverse dynamics for kinetics measurements.

Sports Lab - CSMI Humac Norm

CSMI Humac Norm Isokinetic Dynanometer

Isokinetic dynamometers help to measure the isokinetic strengths of upper and lower limbs.

Samsung Diagnostic Ultrasound

We have a duplex diagnostic ultrasound imaging system to visualise muscle injury, nerves and muscle movements, and analyse arterial blood flow. 

Sports Lab - Antigravity Treadmill

Alter-G M320 Anti-gravity treadmill

This innovative anti-gravity treadmill will allow clinicians to reduce gravity’s impact by selecting any weight between 20% and 100% of the body weight.

Rehabilitation has been provided to local professional football players which has been reported in the local news

Sports Lab - Exercise Capacity Testing

Exercise capacity testing: Cortex MetaLyzer® 3B

The Cortex MetaLyzer® is a highly resolving ergospirometry system with breath-by-breath technology. The product allows the differentiated performance testing of the lungs, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress. This can be used in conjunction with our ECG (electrocardiogram) system.

Sports Lab - Blood Analysis

Blood analysis

We have a variety of blood analysis systems for physiology testing including:

  • YSI stat plus 2300: lactate
  • Reflotron plus: creatine kinase
  • Hemocue: haemoglobin
  • Field-based Glucose and Cholesterol Analyser: CardioChek P·A, Polymer Technology Systems, Inc., Indianapolis, USA
  • Field-based Lactate Analyser: Lactate Pro, Arkray Factory, Inc., Shiga, Japan B-Hemoglobin photometer, Hemocue AB, Angelholm, Sweden

Sports Lab - Biometrics W4X8

Biometrics W4X8 datalog Delsys Trigno wireless EMG

For measuring muscles' activation with integrated 3D accelerometers.

Portable 3D motion measurements

xIMU inertia measurement units and ProMove 3D accelerometers for measuring 3D movements.

Hoggan Micro FET 2

We have portable hand-held dynamometers for measuring muscles' strength.

Sports Lab - Body composition Bod Pod

Body composition Bod Pod Gold Standard, Life measurement, Inc., California, USA

The BOD POD Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement plethysmograph which uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children with gold standard accuracy. 

Sports Lab - Environmental Chamber

Environmental Chamber

Using the environmental chamber we can simulate altitudes of up to 21,000 ft (6400m) and temperatures of between -20C and 40C. This can be used for the purpose of athletic performance testing, pre-acclimatisation and studies of physical wellness.