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Common Problems

Common Problems Using this System

The most common problems accessing the password protected systems are:

  • Using the wrong domain name (should be: MJNET on machines inside the University)
  • Wrong User Name (use your University log on or student number 8 digits only)
  • Wrong Email Address used to send emails to (use your Marjon Email - or
  • Password incorrect (use the Password Reset Manager system to change your password or contact Computing Services for help)

You should use the information you were given when you joined Marjon when using this system. If you have problems, please read the pages on this site & the extensive help file in the Password Reset Manager system.

Incorrect Username

Internal systems require a Marjon username

  • Students = student number (8 digits only) 
  • Staff = logon name

External, including Microsoft, will require a full email address,

Incorrect Password


The password is synchronised across many systems. If you change your password for email, remember the password is also needed to be updated on Wifi connections.  Leaving one device with the wrong password, will cause that device to keep trying the old password, and then lock out your account.

More information about passwords are on the Password Information Page



If you still find you are unable to use the system & advice from fellow students & lecturers doesn't help, please raise a Helpdesk call or contact Computing Services ( or phone on 01752 636700 extension 4333.

Always log off from your University account before changing your password.