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Wireless Network

Wireless network

Marjon Users / Guests

While on the Marjon campus your device will offer a list of Wireless networks to connect to.  


This connects to a secured wireless network and where conversations between your device and the network are authenticated and encrypted.   This security takes an extra step to configure, but is recommend. 

Select the Marjon·Secure SSID and enter your Marjon username (not the full email address) and password. 

Android devices and different versions of Android OS require some additional steps to be completed as required

  • The username is entered into Identity
  • Make sure that for EAP method, PEAP is selected.
  • If requested : Phase 2 authentication, select MSCHAPV2.
  • If requested : CA Certificate, Select Don't validate
    • If you are asked for a domain, check you have set CA Certificate: Don’t Validate, any other setting will not let you connect

When you [Join] / [Connect]  the network a certificate is displayed, this identifies the network as being connected to as part of the system. When you have checked the certificate is genuine, [Trust]/[Accept] the certificate, and it will be installed onto your device for future logons.


Allows guest access to an open wireless network, rather like in an Internet Cafe or Fast Food outlet.  

You will need a Marjon username (Library card number) and password to logon to the wireless network.   The system will then check you are allowed to access the Marjon resources and connect to the Internet.    

If you need to create a temporary guest account, access must be confirmed from the email send to the address registered when creating the account.


Campus Coverage

Marjon operates an 802.11ac wireless network for students and staff.   While coverage is extensive not all of the campus may have a strong signal, therefore if you find that there is a work area where the signal is not strong enough to connect to the Internet please contact Computing Services so we can fine tune the access points or fit more as required to provide suitable coverage.

Please also note that the access points are NOT compatible with any domestic wireless system as the points MUST be managed by a specialised controller and they are therefore of no use to anyone but wireless users in Marjon. Therefore, please do not remove them for any reason.

Gaming Consoles and TVs

The MarjonWifi network can also connect gaming devices and TVs that require some additional configuration to enable them to access the Internet. If you have one of these devices, let us know the MAC address and we can teach the system to accept your device.    Application form to add MAC Address to Marjon Gamers

These gaming records are automatically removed in August.  You will need to register your device if you are on campus for the following academic year.

There is some guidance for Finding the MAC Address on Popular Gaming Consoles


When connected to the wireless network, you are required to have both an anti-virus and anti-spyware package installed and recently updated on your system.  If you do not have any security software on your system, the following are suggested:

Mac -

Microsoft Windows -



We not not advise the connecting your printer to the Marjon wireless signal.
First, any other user could find your printer in the air, connect to your printer, and print unexpected documents.  
Second, the printer will also be calling out for connection, in the same airspace as all the other network devices.  Printers, generally use older technology, that has a reduced number of channels.  We tune all the access points to distribute these channels across the campus. Any wireless printer, using an additional channel will disrupt any of the tuning the system has performed, degrading the service for users near you.
We would advise a fixed USB cable as the best option.




  1. Connect to MarjonWiFi
  2. Follow the "Click Here to Register" link
  3. Fill in your details - The Email and Phone number must be correct for your details to be confirmed.
  4. You will receive an SMS Text message, this will contain your password.
  5. Enter your email address from step 3, and the password from step 4.