University strategies & policies

Senior Management Group


The Senior Management Group determines the following strategies:

  • Marjon Growth Plan
  • Estates Property Strategy
  • Environmental & Sustainability Strategy
  • Finance Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • HR Strategy
  • IT and Digital Strategy
  • Sport Strategy

Senior Management Group


The committees of the Senior Management Group oversee the following policies:

Resources Committee

  • Green Travel & Car parking
  • Staff Handbook
  • Ethical Investment
  • Treasury
  • InformationSecurity
  • Electronic communication
  • JaNet Acceptable Use
  • Records retention and Management
  • Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
  • Data Protection
  • CCTV
  • Whistleblowing Policy 

Health, Safety & Security Committee 

  • Health and Safety
  • Food Safety 
  • Outdoor Working 

Joint Negotiation & Consultation Commitee

  • Union Recognition and Facilities Agreement 

Academic Board


The Strategies and Policies overseen by Academic Board have been integrated into an Academic Strategies and Policies Framework. The current version of this Framework, which is updated annually, is available here.